Android Training

With more than 1 billion Android device activations, Android presents staggering prospects to developers. The rapid growth of Android progresses far beyond smartphones and will soon become the intelligence behind invisible, global cloud-connected computing.

Hence, the skills you learn in this Android programming course is going to aid you in building remarkable apps for smartphones and tablets along with boosting you to awesome opportunities in the future of Android.

Learn the fundamentals of Android programming and development and take a step forward to becoming an Android developer. This training course is ideal for beginners as it specially designed for those who are new to the programming field and wish how exactly to approach the building Android apps. And luckily, all you need is an understanding of any programming language.

As a part of this Android programming course, we will help you create widgets, Customize List View, Grid View etc., create apps with audio, video and SQLite database. You will be taught app development from scratch that will help you achieve great job opportunities in large corporations.

Become competent in Android app development, understand Android architecture in extreme detail, learn the ways of integrating mobile apps with Facebook, Twitter and other social media, SQLite and learn the methods to create and augment app user experience all in one place.

Our Android programming course will be taught by top professionals who are experts in this field with a practically oriented approach. Our interactive and hands-on course will assure you get a thorough and in-depth knowledge to ensure that you come out of this course as a top-notch developer.



  • Experienced expert-led sessions
  • Live projects
  • Real life case studies
  • Professional support
  • Certification